It may have begun with chest pain or shortness of breath. Then examinations and finally the prescribed heart procedures recommended by your surgeon to address the problems with your heart or blood vessels.

The prospect of undergoing heart surgery is, of course, daunting, but advances in heart operations mean that risks, techniques, recovery times and rehabilitation are greatly improved from where they were even a few years back.

Several nearby hospitals located in St Louis are known as being leaders in the field of heart procedures which means that if you live in the St Louis metro east your recovery and rehabilitation search for a “skilled nursing facility near me” can lead you right here to Mercy Rehab & Care Center.

Our wide-ranging physical therapy and post surgery rehabilitation services in Swansea, IL include facilitating recovery from surgery following a heart attack, coronary artery bypass, stent placement and more.

When you’re considering choices for cardiac rehabilitation, we’re a healthcare choice you can feel good about. We are confident that you’ll discover that we offer much more than other skilled nursing homes and we are conveniently located in beautiful, tranquil Swansea, Il.

We provide comfort and respect to our patients and their families, helping nurture and strengthen you throughout the healing process.

Open Heart Surgery Recovery Time

Of course, as with any procedure, heart recovery depends on the type of heart problems your doctor was addressing. On one end of the recovery spectrum, bypass surgery recovery can sometimes take as much as several months after surgery to reach near full functionality. Other procedures such as stent placement recovery can range from days to weeks after surgery to regain full functionality.

The reason for this range of recovery times is because heart surgeries are range from minimally invasive procedures like stent placement to widen the passage of a blocked blood vessel to full open heart surgery requiring a chest incision by a heart surgeon.

Why Recover From Heart Surgery at Mercy Rehab?

Even after you are discharged your body is still healing from a surgery of this magnitude. Returning to your home even with assistance and trying to immediately return to daily activities is not recommended.

We provide post-surgery physical and occupational therapy to help you heal and regain function. Mercy Rehab understands the importance of providing heart healthy diets to all of our residents and patients. We can assist you with transportation to any follow-up appointments your doctor will schedule upon leaving the hospital.

Balancing Rest and Therapy after Heart Surgery

Our expert clinicians and therapists understand the important balance between providing a restful environment in which our clients can heal balanced with various types of therapy sessions provided several times a day as recommended.

Our goal at Mercy is to help you regain your strength, functionality and stamina as your body heals to ensure success at meeting your goals.

Rehabilitation in Swansea Illinois

Mercy Rehab and Care Center is a state of the art rehabilitation center located in Swansea Illinois. Our rehabilitation services include a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

Therapy services are individualized to meet each patient’s specialized needs. Our goal is to promote healing and to restore function. We strive to help you meet your goals and get back your independence so you can live life at its fullest!

Mercy Rehab & Care Center is a conveniently-located rehabilitation center, care facility and nursing home near Belleville, Illinois. We serve the highest level skilled nursing and therapy needs of the St Louis area. We also serve Belleville, Illinois, Swansea, Illinois, Millstadt, Edwardsville, O’Fallon, Shiloh and other towns in Southern Illinois.

We provide senior care, skilled nursing, all types of therapy including physical therapy for those recovering from injuries, strokes, surgery. We’re located near Belleville Memorial Hospital, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in O’Fallon, IL, Memorial East Hospital in Shiloh, Illinois, Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO, St Louis University Hospital in St Louis, Missouri and other area hospitals. One visit and you’ll understand why Mercy Rehab & Care center is so much more than just the best nursing home, Swansea Il has to offer!