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Nutrition for Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Patients

Food, Nutrition, and Dining

At Mercy Rehab, we have found that meals are something that our residents really look forward to and so it is part of our mission to ensure that meals and snacks are both nutritious and delicious.  Well-balanced nutrition promotes quality of life, prevents malnutrition and weight loss, and helps with the healing process.  Daily meals include a variety of options with rotating seasonal menus.  Alternative food choices are always available upon request. Food allergies, preferences, and intake are monitored.

Upon admission to Mercy Rehab, each resident will meet with our Certified Dietary Manager to develop an individualized balanced meal plan. Food preferences and dietary needs will be considered while working to create a nourishing, palatable, well-balanced diet that meets your nutritional needs.  The dietary manager also assesses the nutritional needs of our residents on an ongoing basis.

Our Dietician, a clinically qualified nutrition professional, regularly reviews all resident medical records and monitors any weight gains or losses and makes dietary recommendations accordingly.  All menus are planned in advance and followed by the dietary staff in order to ensure that each resident receives the recommended daily nutritional allowances to meet his or her needs.

Snacks & Snack Social

Daily snacks and drinks are provided and located on snack carts at both nurses’ stations in the morning, afternoon, and at bedtime. Snack carts offer a variety of treats and healthy options.  Snacks are also always available upon request. In addition, we offer a daily snack social in the main dining room every afternoon. Snack social can be a fun time to visit and enjoy tasty out of the ordinary snacks!

Meal of the Month

Each month, our residents assist in planning a special meal of the month that is catered around resident requests. Our residents really enjoy Meal of the Month!

Dining With Us

Family and friends of resident’s are welcome to dine with us.  Meal tickets can be purchased at the reception desk.  Please feel free to join us.

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