Physical Therapy Near Belleville IllinoisMercy Rehab is our name and we’re proud to be the preferred senior rehabilitation center in the St Louis metro east. Let’s go down the list to show you how we focus our resources on empowering others to live their best life.

Location Matters in Senior Rehab

Securely located in a wooded, residential area of Swansea, Illinois, Mercy Rehab and Care Center, provides the proper setting, for your loved one to regain their abilities and confidence to return to their daily life.

Senior Rehabilitation Requires Compassionate Expert Therapists

Every day we empower our staff to live their mission of providing short and long term care to seniors and patients of all ages by combining their specific expertise with their individual compassion. We are a team focused on empowering older adults after a hospital stay or an injury, stroke or other challenge.

It’s what we excel at every day. Mercy is proud to hire and maintain a team of experts in all fields of medical care, skilled nursing, therapy, housekeeping and administration. Our team member retention is among the highest in the St Louis metro east. This means that we have cohesion and trust among all of our members. It also means that you’ll experience a human touch that is uncommon in most skilled nursing facilities.

It means that to the Mercy Rehab family you are a name, a face, a story and a life and we’re ready to empower you to get beyond this challenge .

Our Services Go Beyond Senior Rehab

People need a full spectrum of care in order to have the best outcomes. Mercy Rehab’s short term and long term rehab facility features a rehab center with full physical therapy facilities and staff.

Our skilled Nursing team is second to none on the St Louis metro east. You won’t find a more highly-trained and dedicated staff to tend to your loved ones injuries or medical needs 24 hours a day.

Because we honor the entirety of the life cycle, Mercy Rehab also offers Hospice Care in Swansea, IL.

Our senior respite care services offer loved ones an opportunity to know their family members are cared for the way they would care for them. When life circumstances require you to entrust another with the care of a loved one, you can count on Mercy Rehab.

Recommended Senior Rehab Services

We’re proud to say that many of our clients recommend our Mercy Rehab for our rehabilitation service. And if they need further physical therapy or occupational therapy again in the future, they return to a place where they’re welcomed by familiar, friendly faces.

Perhaps the most difficult parts of our care services is saying goodbye.