September is Healthy Aging Month as observed by the US Senate unanimously a year ago, in 2021. For this article we wanted to make a shout out to Healthy Aging Magazine, to underscore the importance of having a game plan for your journey into your senior years and to call attention to the services we offer by giving you a rehabilitation center definition and explanation.

The Importance of an Aging Game Plan

Recently we came across a concept of healthy aging that aims to keep people who practice this strategy away from requiring physical therapy, needing rehabilitation service and skilled nursing later in life.

Obviously, it’s best to strengthen and fortify the body when possible so that risk of injury is diminished later in life when the individual is more fragile. One approach which caught our eye, is an approach put forth by Dr. Peter Attia called the: Centenarian Olympics.

Simply stated, Attia suggests a “training” model that an individual begin implementing as soon as possible with a goal of achieving certain milestones at the age of 100. Attia’s concept dictates that: You have to identify tasks that you want to be able to achieve at the age of 100 and train to achieve them.

The key concept that Attia’s training regimen focuses on is “stability.” Stability pulls in the elements of strength, balance and mobility to train an individual to be less likely to sustain injury that puts your overall health in jeopardy.

There are also cognitive elements to Attia’s approach as well as spiritual elements. Attia stresses the importance of allocating time to train for each individual’s long-term health. But Attia also explains that the goal isn’t simply to get to 100. “The process itself is beautiful. It’s not about suffering until you get to 100. “I feel infinitely better today than I did two years ago because of the journey.”

What are Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation?

If you’re recovering from any type of injury such as a fall or a bone break, spinal cord injury, brain injury or stroke, surgery rehab or any other type of recovery with the goal of regaining strength, stability, ability to function on your own or any other types of rehab, you will likely spend some time in a rehabilitation hospital or in some type of rehabilitation facilities.

Inpatient Rehabilitation In Swansea, IL

In the event that you our a loved one requires a treatment plan for any type of rehabilitation including: speech therapy, physical therapy, cardiac rehabilitation or occupational therapy, Mercy Rehab is here to help.

We offer the finest rehabilitation therapy and skilled nursing care in the St Louis Metro East. Our occupational therapists and physical therapists are focused on helping you return to your daily activities through our customized rehabilitation programs built around your specific needs.