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Frequently Asked Questions About Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing

Q: Tell me about your skilled nursing and rehabilitation services.

A: Mercy Rehab and Care Center, located in Swansea, Illinois, offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Therapy services are individualized to meet each patient’s specialized needs.  Our goal is to promote healing and to restore function. We strive to help you meet your goals and get back your independence.

Q: What type of therapy do you provide?

A: Services available include physical therapy, occupational therapy (activities of daily living), speech therapy (diet modifications, cognitive therapy, and communication), joint replacement therapy, stroke recovery, orthopedic fracture care, prosthetic training, and traumatic brain injury care.

Q: How much does long term care cost?

A: The cost of long term care varies based upon individual care needs and type of room selected. Some long term care insurance policies may assist with the cost of long term care. Approved Illinois Medicaid with long term care coverage may assist with the cost of long term care. We advise that you verify your insurance benefits to confirm available coverage. Use our Skilled Nursing Resources Page to contact outside organizations and learn more.

Q: How long will Medicare or my insurance cover rehabilitation?

A: Medicare and insurance coverage allotted varies by each patient and the individual care needs and progress.

Medicare – traditional Medicare covers rehab days 1-20 at 100%, for rehab days 21-100 the patient is required to pay a daily copay of $170.50 (2019 rate).  If you have a Medicare supplement plan, it may cover the cost of copays.

Medicare may not cover the full 100 days unless there is a skilled need.  Medicare covers up to 100 days of care in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) each benefit period.

Q: What happens if I have used all of my 100 Medicare coverage days?

A: If you have exhausted your 100 Medicare days for a benefit period, you will need to pay out of pocket for any additional care.  The facility tracks Medicare days used but it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to verify benefits and track days used.  You may again become eligible for Medicare coverage for skilled nursing facility care once you have been out of the hospital and/or SNF for 60 days in a row (wellness period). You will then be eligible for a new benefit period, including 100 new days of SNF care, after a three day qualifying inpatient hospital stay.

Q: Will Medicare cover anything after I have used 100 skilled days?

A: If you are receiving medically necessary physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation or speech therapy, Medicare may continue to cover those services even when you have used up your SNF days in a benefit period.  However, Medicare will not continue to pay for the cost of room and board, meaning you may face high costs. You should discuss the cost of room and board and, if this is not an option, check with your provider to see if you qualify for therapy at home (home health care).

Q: Will long-term care insurance cover long term care?

A: Long-term care insurance policies varies greatly. You should call the customer service number or a representative to verify conditions of your long-term care coverage. Specifically, you will want to ask how much the policy covers per day and the life-time max coverage limit. Those answers will help you budget for the cost of care. Long term care policies require that you pay for your cost of care in full each month and then the insurance reimburses you directly.

Q: Can I have a private room?

A: Private rooms are usually available.  Medicare, Insurance, and Medicaid do not cover the cost of a private room. There are times, based on availability that we may be able to offer a private room. However, patients are usually required to pay an additional fee for private rooms.

Q: How many staff work in the building and what are the staff to patient ratios?

A: At Mercy Rehab, we schedule adequate staff in accordance with public health guidelines in order to meet the needs of the patients.

Q: When can I visit my loved one?

A: You are welcome to visit the facility anytime. The doors are locked from 8:00pm to 8:00am each day. Staff will assist with entry during those times. We do ask that all visitors respect the privacy of residents and help us maintain a peaceful care setting.

Q: Will I have to change rooms if I transfer from rehab to long-term care?

A: While we try to limit the amount of rooms transfers in the facility, there is a possibility that a patient’s room assignment will change. We will notify the resident and/or family to discuss room changes.

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